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Neuro D


Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Neuro D is essentially the electro side-project of Savvas Georgiadis. Under alias DJ Savage, he has made his presence felt in the electronic scene since 1987 and is also the owner of the oldest and most consistent Greek techno label, namely Kinetik Records. Savvas has released a great deal of albums under labels such as Harthouse (Germany), Bellboy (England), Treibstoff (Germany), Hyperspace (USA), Contrast (England), Pof (France), Symbiose (Portugal) etc. Audiomatik is without doubt one of the most complete electro productions of the recent years. It is working on the tradition of Kraftwerk, Aux 88, Antony Rother, Lassigue Bendthaus, Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire, nevertheless it demonstrates a clearly personal character. Having this framework it succeeds in being austere, dancing, but also sentimental and obscure at the same time. The groovy breakbeats are pervading through well–balanced acid elements and through melodies which are impressed directly on reflections.