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Wetsound Orchestra


Wetsound Orchestra

Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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“Wetsound Orchestra” is the new project of Spyweirdos, imprinting a unity of dark, sensational electronica. A particularly important release with a complete narrative speech, exceptional work on the part of production, as well as the participation of important musicians of the electronica, and not only, genre in the remixes and the mastering of the album. This album’s solid forms are enriched by elements of fluidity and purposeful “errors” – geometrically evaluated 4/4 sounds coming across clicks, drones and narrative strings, breaks that create circular flows, deep ambient parts , samples of exceptional esoteric attitude and beauty. All the above combined with a sound characterized by rich and clear elements, offering a particular sound pleasure. “Wetsound Orchestra” is released in a double cd and includes remixes by Alva Noto, B.Fleischman, Funckarma, Gyro-Gyro, Horchata, Mad EP, Octex, Ollie Olsen, Peekay Tayloh and Traject, additionally mastering has been elaborated by Murcof.