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The First


The First

Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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In essence, Decades is Dj PiCi's electro pop project. Dj PiCi is renowned for his flawless technical skills in DJing and is considered to be one of the leading Greek techno/electro/electro pop DJs. He also participates in the deep techno project of Epidemic Elements and Relax Recs label. Decades' music contains clear references to the early 80's. It surpasses the electroclash hype, ends up in the core of electro pop music and promotes its intrinsic structural elements through a simple philosophy. The First is full of superb melodies which, in three tracks, are supplemented by Kiki Kiryttopoulou's voice. The simple character of her voice makes the tracks more immediate and moving. The First includes both groovy tracks ('Poky space' and 'How does this sound' have already stood out), which are expected to create a sensation in electro clubs and electro nights, and more 'acoustic' tracks, which are expected to please even the most demanding listeners of electro pop and electronic music in general.