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Armed Angels Frustrated Youth The Art Of Self Deceit And Music Industry


Armed Angels Frustrated Youth The Art Of Self Deceit And Music Industry

Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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2L8 is the project of the 22-year-old Kosta Voziki and a team of musicians and collaborators. The music of 2L8 does not seek a formalistic identity but is rather unfolding through a number of conscious and unconscious references. It functions more as a personal narration, overcoming all restrictions. It is post punk, pop, industrial, rock, hardcore, post rock and at the same time it is nothing like that. The accompanying elements of this musical puzzle of 2L8 meet the need of a personal expression and sketches out what we call "a personal experience". The guitars are most of the times a bit eccentrically played, some other times they are sharp or bulky or even have a pitched sound, finally sewing melodic results.The electronic elements in some songs keep the rhythm section, or inject the whole result with sounds and atmospheres. The distinguished voice plays the role of a central instrument which undergoes continuous transformations. Prolific and torrential the band's narration process unfolds stories of urban madness and sensitivity. The lyrics are about relationships and competitions playing the game of constant alternations of feelings and situations. The outcome is sometimes minimalistic, other times raw and realistic, at times it can become theatrical, extravagant, melodramatic and dreamy. It balances through its constant shifting of attitudes, its darkness, its melancholy, brightness, optimism and sarcasm. It is possibly a heretic album for the ones who still believe there are stories worth being told. The record was mastered by S_Fx, member of Garden Box.