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Kivu Andrei / Moody Alien


Label: Thirsty Leaves Music

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Improvised by
Andrei Kivu (cello, shakuhachi, voice, bass ocarina & bass flute) &
moody alien (processed glockenspiel, classical guitar, toy piano,
field recordings, glass bowl, small hand drum, large coffee can,
bow, beaters, sticks & other found or household objects).

Assemblage, treatments & mastering by moody alien.
Mixing & production by moody alien & Andrei Kivu.

Cello, shakuhachi & voice recorded at The Harmonic Presence Foundation (Pommereau, France). Bass ocarina & bass flute recorded at The National Museum for Contemporary Arts (Bucharest, Romania).

Paintings by Marin Gallien. Artwork design by moody alien.