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T / To Keno

Moody Alien / Kalamaris Takis

T / To Keno

Label: Thirsty Leaves Music

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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T, the 20th letter of the Latin alphabet, is the symbol for "True" in logic & the usual symbol for period, the reciprocal of frequency; the symbol for Tesla, the SI unit of magnetic field; the symbol for Tera- (as in one trillion); (t is) the SI symbol for tonne or metric ton & the usual symbol for time.
T is also the middle letter in the word "soundTracks" and the initial letter of moody alien's poor ghost of a mother's name (as well as his own)...

Written in 2000 and marking a significant breakthrough in his writing process and style, this minimalistic "mysterious novel" by Takis Kalamarakis combines elements of noir with (existential) dark comedy and could perhaps be seen as a kind of -Greek- prequel to moody alien's play "The Flame Within". (Makes you wonder whether these two may have actually shared the same head at some point, to be honest...)