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Label: Anazitisi

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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The Spies was a late 60�s Greek beat-garage band. During their lifetime they managed to release just one single in 1968, which is very rare nowadays. This album contains this single as well as four, recently unearthed, studio unreleased recordings from 1969,. Finally, two more songs from the “rockier” The Spies mkII version are added. These last tracks are live recordings from a club where the band was playing in 1972 and are of mediocre sound quality, but we had to include them in order to have the complete works from this significant and slightly ignored band. Includes: * Fully laminated cover. * 4-pages, LP-sized, insert with bio and photos. * Limited to 350, hand-numbered, black copies. * 180gr vinyl as usual. * resealable nylon outersleeve.