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Epidromh Apo Ton Arh

Komatsioulis Sotiris

Epidromh Apo Ton Arh

Label: Anazitisi

Genre: Rock / Pop


  • LP 180gr €25.99
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Sotiris Komatsioulis is a kind of a legend in the greek rock borders. He recorded a magnificent xian-rock 7" single back in 1972 and then left for London, UK, where he collaborated with Robert Wyatt, 10cc and others. In 2010, an album with unreleased (early 70's) Sotiris' recordings came to light. These songs plus a couple more (from his 60's band called Lovers), were re-recorded some months ago and are released now. Sotiris and his hard rock trio regenerate their old songs in a modern way without forgetting their 70's roots. Heavy rock riffs, excellent musicianship and impassioned renditions carry away the old songs in the reality of 2015. A must have for Komatsioulis fans… Includes: * Fully laminated cover. * 4-pages insert with notes, photos and lyrics. * Limited to 200 black and 100 coloured copies. * 180gr vinyl as usual. * PVC protective outersleeve. COLOURED