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Impossible Tymes


Label: Make Me Happy

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Impossible Tymes were a Greek indiepop super-group formed in 1992 by various members of Next Time Passions and One Night Suzan. Their compilation album "Popadelic" compiles all the band’s recorded output from the 90s, including three covers by The Field Mice, Biff Bang Pow! and The Pretty Things.

Next Time Passions and One Night Suzan were the first indiepop bands formed in Greece in the early 90s. During that time, both bands played many gigs together and naturally became good friends. Finding that they all shared a similar passion for 60’s psychedelia, neo-garage bands, Whaam! Records, Creation and early Sarah, three of them -- Makis P. and Elias from Next Time Passions and Zissimos from One Night Suzan -- formed Impossible Tymes. This was never meant to be a proper band, but more of a fun side project to share their love for that more psychedelic side of indiepop. To further distort their image (and for the fun of it!) they decided to use nicknames instead of their real names. Makis chose Skychild, Elias became Mr. Undecided, and Zissimos used his now standard alias The Crooner.

Impossible Tymes are probably best known for their superb 7" vinyl single “2X1”, a split with Next Time Passions and co-released by Greece’s This Happy Feeling! and Spain’s Elefant Records. They also released two EPs on cassette but are impossible to find these days. The band also made many compilation appearances, including the seminal “Try A Little Sunshine” ‎on Pop Art, “Picnic Basket” on Shelflife and the most recently “A Sparkle From The Past” on Make Me Happy.

"Popadelic," which was also the title of their second EP release, became a term often used by the band to describe what their music sounded like, so naturally it was the perfect title for this compilation. Greece’s Make Me Happy debuted "Popadelic" digitally in April 2021, but now on July 15, they are teaming up with Shelflife (US) and Fastcut Records (Japan) to bring the vinyl edition of this beloved compilation to life.