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Selections - June 2024

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  1. Lives Outgrown
    Gibbons Beth: Lives Outgrown
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  2. I'm Totally Fine With It - Don’t Give A Fuck Anymore
  3. Colours & Light
    Project Gemini: Colours & Light
  4. Rampen ( Apm: Alien Pop Music )
    Einsturzende Neubauten: Rampen ( Apm: Alien Pop Music )
    (LP x2)
  5. Pajko, Fire In The Forest On The Mountain
    Votskos Sokratis Quartet: Pajko, Fire In The Forest On The Mountain
  6. Tarot Part 1
    Magick Brother & Mystic Sister: Tarot Part 1
  7. Spirits
    Circling Sun: Spirits
  8. Coffee & Regrets
    Next Time Passions: Coffee & Regrets
  9. On Patrol
    Amka: On Patrol
  10. Dead Slow
    Siganidhs Mihalhs: Dead Slow
    (LP 180gr)
  11. To All Trains
    Shellac: To All Trains
    (LP 180gr)
  12. Nonetheless
    Pet Shop Boys: Nonetheless
  13. This Could Be Tears
    English Teacher: This Could Be Tears
  14. Coloured Heaven
    Things: Coloured Heaven
  15. To Kalokairi Perase Sa Rigos
    Kwstoyiorgis Yiorgos / Mpakirtzhs Argyrhs / Polyzwidhs Dhmhtrhs: To Kalokairi Perase Sa Rigos
  16. Direct Inject
    Zombi: Direct Inject
  17. Ektos Twn Teixwn
    Volanis Lefteris / Pagidas Dimitris: Ektos Twn Teixwn
  18. New World
    Birchall Nat Unity Ensemble: New World
  19. Stress For Success
    Mazoha: Stress For Success
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  20. Ongoing
    Blues Wire: Ongoing
    (CD Digi / Cardboard.)
  21. A La Sala
    Khruangbin: A La Sala
  22. Kykewnas
    Khirki: Kykewnas
  23. Tremors
    Kvb: Tremors
  24. Afro-desia
    Smith Lonnie: Afro-desia
  25. Cyrm
    Oxn: Cyrm
    (LP 180gr)
  26. Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace
  27. Fearless Movement
    Washington Kamasi: Fearless Movement
    (LP x2)
  28. Folklore From Other Desert Cities
    Lalli Mario & The Rubber Snake Charmers: Folklore From Other Desert Cities
  29. Roseland Nyc Live - 25th Anniversary Edition


  1. Mahal
    Glass Beams: Mahal
  2. Bezani / Ashkamoni
    Sababa 5: Bezani / Ashkamoni
  3. Alienated Earthling
    Great For Healing: Alienated Earthling
  4. Nightriders Ep
    Legacy X Sky Above: Nightriders Ep
  5. Me Lene Mixalh
    H Kyvernhsh: Me Lene Mixalh
  6. Remix Ep ( Zoviet France / Muslimgauze )
  7. Jar Of Flies
    Alice In Chains: Jar Of Flies
  8. Hix Hax Ep
    Pera Sta Orh: Hix Hax Ep
  9. Cologne Popfest
    Dorau Andreas / Jetsteam Pony / Blueboy / Ta Toy Boy: Cologne Popfest
  10. Theros
    Coti K: Theros

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