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Label: Same Difference Music

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Lokatola is an Athenian collective composed of Tasos Tzortzatos, Giannis Lianos and Kostis Gardikis. They collect the remnants of the city and recycle them into poetry, crying and noise. They give the same importance to the neighborhood hairdresser and Shakespeare, to burning desire and everyday life. An archaeological project of recording sounds and images in the urban landscape that have no usability and exchange value, a performance of speech, film, guitars and synthesizers. The album "Nekyia" is an improvisation session recorded in one take in 2020. An Odyssey-descent into Hades having passed through the funeral of the renaissance, the postmodern and the conceptual art.
"You are a rotten train with the ghosts of Tintoretto"