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Registry Of Inadequate Self-healing Attempts

Livieratos Antonis

Registry Of Inadequate Self-healing Attempts

Label: Same Difference Music

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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There’s a highly specific, optimal time in which Antonis Livieratos’ new solo album sounds best, after most of your time zone has gone to sleep but city lights twinkle in the distance. The perfect time, when consciousness feels more like dreamy surrealism than lucidity. His characteristic sound carries a certain noir sensuality though it’s never harsh or abrasive. It’s an aesthetic that never loses its particular appeal, though it does have its contextual limitations; try starting off a new week with a spin of its slow-moving themes, and you might end up with a failure to launch.

“Registry of Inadequate Self-Healing Attempts”, the sixth solo album of Antonis Livieratos, consists of five atmospheric pieces. Its mood is both restrained and expansive, intimate and distant at the same time. There’s a narrative shrouded in mystery lying at the core of every track. “Thirty Seven”, the opening track, is built through synth drones and guitar echoes vanishing into the unknown while “Muddy Waters” seems like exploring the absolute limits of impending doom and ominous drone nihilism and perhaps ranks as one of the loneliest moments of the album. Wherever your imagination takes you, Livieratos has crafted an album that makes it worth taking several repeat trips through its winding sonic paths.