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Out Of The Blur

Hilton Eric

Out Of The Blur

Label: Emerald Wave

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Out of the Blur is Hilton’s debut release for the Emerald Wave label, a new imprint specializing in healing music. Eric Hilton’s masterful ability to combine disparate musical genres was well established as co-founder of the globally successful downtempo group Thievery Corporation. But for Out of the Blur, a more reductive compositional approach was required. "What you leave out in ambient music is as important as what you include,” says the producer. “I don’t have a background making ambient music, this is definitely a different kind of record for me. Ambient music is inherently ambiguous, transporting you to a place that isn’t really well defined. But I think it’s the absence of answers, that formlessness, that makes this kind of music so emotionally impactful."

Out of the Blur has a familiar ambient calmness about it, but there are also moments that instill a sense of swelling hope. Softly percussive synthesizer rhythms shimmer between the speakers. Weightless drones underpin reverberant spaces that shift in and out of focus, Out of the Blur is that rare ambient record that rewards both passive and attentive listening.

The album was created during a time of deep personal loss and transition for the producer. "Something clicked for me during the pandemic, I felt that I had to be really sharp, so I got completely sober. Right after doing that, a really close friend and musical collaborator of mine died unexpectedly. It was shocking; I was crushed. The only way I knew how to cope with it was to make music. So Out of the Blur was made in the wake of that - in grief, but also in clarity,” said Hilton. “I truly believe in the healing power of music. If people use this record as a sonic medication, I think it will make them centered, it will make them feel good."

Hilton has distinct memories and experiences which influenced the writing of each of the tracks on Out of the Blur. “Vessel” is about the act of making music; sometimes it feels like the music already exists and you’re just pulling it out of the ether, you are just a vessel for it. "Circle of Eyes” is about being hypnotized by this amazing Indian woman, during which I saw the face of every person I’ve met in my life, like a film strip. It could best be described as an unraveling.” recounts Hilton. “Starlings” recalls a time where every evening I would sit and watch huge flocks of these birds congregate and chase each other, while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to accomplish in my life.” Lastly, “The Eternal Thrill”, which closes the album, is about life itself, says Hilton. “I have such gratitude for the random, mundane beauty of everything, to be here to witness it all. I will never take it for granted.”

Blue vinyl.