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Label: We Are Unique! Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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ICHLIEBELOVE is the project of French musician Philippe Raimond.

Initially a drummer in pop bands and author of a first group album with strong Anglo-Saxon influences, he has been working as a solo composer for the past ten years, marked by electronic experimentation.

For Hyperherz, his third album for We Are Unique!, he collaborated with Alice Champion on production and Manuel Duval (Rien Virgule) on direction.
Both accompanied him in his quest for a balance between sound research and song format, to establish a point of convergence for his art of digression and his musical curiosity.

​The creation of Hyperherz was in fact fueled by his enthusiasm for a contemporary approach that never hesitates to go back and forth between traditional instruments and electronic psychedelia, between musical heritage and a desire to screw things up.

​It feels like we're on a familiar path with Ichelieblove: unprocessed vocals, bass lines that play on their own, guitar and piano arpeggios, hummable choruses.

But it's a bumpy road, one that you can wander through with a warm beer in hand, waiting for the final collapse.