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Keep On Falling

Vox Low

Keep On Falling

Label: Born Bad

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Faith is a kind of inner freedom. You believe in something, you sense something, but you cannot explain it to anyone. You have the feeling that you are larger than you actually are. That is what faith is."
- Andrei Tarkovsky.

« Common baby, eat the rich! »

– Motörhead.

Let the pagans and other grave desecrators tremble: Vox Low emerges once again as a messenger from the depths, ready to shake the foundations and carrying on its shoulders the weight of ancient legends of obscure mysteries. VRRRRRRR! In their highly anticipated second album, "Keep On Falling," the Parisians dare to don the ultimate sacred shroud of rock 'n' roll mythology: Vince Taylor's black leather ski suit. Like Moses raising his arms, like the call of fallen angels, they summon on this album the spirits of Jeffrey Lee Pierce from the Gun Club, the outlawed and feverish greasers of the fifties, as well as the acid rock heroes. Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!

The gang consists of Jean-Christophe Couderc (machines + vocals), Benoît Raymond (bass), Mathieu Autin (drums), and a newcomer: Jérôme Pichon (guitar) - who oddly enough seems to use a box cutter blade instead of a guitar pick. CLING! To these preachers of anarchy, we must add one Aurélien Bonneau, whose role as the group's sound engineer - a true wizard - has become essential to the point of being a full-fledged member of the band. What seems to bind these renegades together is their fanatical devotion to Mark E. Smith and their passion for chaos. So, Vox Low releases their highly anticipated second album, "Keep On Falling,"

following their flawless debut record in 2018. But what were they up to during these five years?

The band hasn't stopped being angry, composing, but above all, they have excelled at what they do best: live performances that taste like napalm. Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa! SPLAF! Together, the Parisian quartet has toured France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and even Mexico. The band is also constantly amazed at playing in front of an increasingly younger audience: blue-haired youth taking over from the fortysomething cold wave enthusiasts dressed in trucker sweaters and worn-out Dr. Martens.

"Keep On Falling" was recorded in their secret batcave, located near the entrance of the Porte d'Aubervilliers on the dark border of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, evoking the apocalyptic universe of the film "Rue Barbare" (1984).
One can notice a slight change in direction compared to their first album, perhaps with fewer club influences. In a macabre dance between shadow and light, each track on the album reveals an unexpected depth, inviting the listener to plunge into an enchanting trance.

This work is more mature and fluid than their first opus, and Vox Low merges genres to create an enchanting blend of soaring krautrock, funereal post-punk, hazy dub, and minimalist rock 'n' roll. While the tone may seem to harden, these scoundrels also appear in a more pop and strangely brighter light. From the majestic intro of "Distance" to the very Cure-esque "Keep On Falling," Vox Low has decided to showcase the full range of their talents. And what shines in their eyes are their black eyes. Because behind the swirls of smoke and the image of gothic crows, there are luminous and beautifully composed songs hiding. There are even hits, as evidenced by the track "New Place In Town." With its hot rod engine revs and Ray Manzarek-inspired keyboards, the enigmatic title "Henry Rode" is inspired by the true story of an old Parisian dandy whose body was found in his apartment several days after his death. His naked corpse was discovered seated in a chair. Oh! And do listen to this track, "It Grows": haven't these Vox Low's apprentice Dr. Frankensteins simply attempted to cut off Iggy Pop's head - during the Lust For Life era - and assemble it on the still-warm body of Peter Murphy.

Thus, through the murky waters of rock 'n' roll and rave culture, Vox Low erects with "Keep On Falling" a timeless monument, pulsating with profound intensity and uncompromising artistic vision. Like a tribute to their legendary heroes, these modern virtuosos transcend the boundaries of time and space, connecting the dark energies of the past with the burning vitality of the present. Solitude, melancholy flesh, fervor for outlaws clad in a pair of blue jeans, and the taste of metallic blood in the mouth—these are all the themes cherished by the post-punk bible—here, they are all beautifully captured in a collection of songs about faith and devotion.

Prepare to succumb to its enchanting power and lose yourself in the labyrinth of a captivating sonic ceremony.