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Abolition Of The Royal Familia ( Guillotine Mixes )


Abolition Of The Royal Familia ( Guillotine Mixes )

Label: Cooking Vinyl

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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After releasing their outstanding 17th album Abolition of The Royal Familia in 2020, The Orb are back with further guest appearances on their remix album Abolition Of The Royal Familia - Guillotine Mixes. Including mixes from David Harrow, Moody Boyz, Youth, Violeta Vicci, Andy Falconer and more.

1. Daze - David Harrow Remix (BLM Remix23)
2. Queen of Hearts - Moody Boys Remix (Duck or Drown)
3. Ital Orb - Gaudi Remix (Iron Chair)
4. Narcotics – David Harrow Remix 2 (Head Crusher)
5. Slave Til U Die - Andy Falconer Remix (Water Boarding)
6. Hawk Kings - Lost Stoned Pandas Remix (Pear of Anguish)
7. Honey Moonies – Paul Metamono Remix (Burnt at The Stake)
8. Weekend - Dom Beken & Kris Needs Remix (The Judas Triangle) 9. Pervitin - Violeta Vicci Remix (The Saw Torture)
10. AAA - Violeta Vicci Remix (Hung, Drawn and Quartered)
11. Shape Shifting Part 1 - Youth Bring In The Clown Remix