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Bosporus Bridges Vol. 3

Various Artists

Bosporus Bridges Vol. 3

Label: Black Pearl

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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A wide selection of rare Turkish funk, jazz, beat and psychedelic music from the 1960s and 1970s. This is the third issue of the groundbreaking 'Bosporus Bridges' compilation series started in 2005 (Vol. 1) and continued in 2011 (Vol. 2).
Why did it take so long for the release of Vol. 3? Because deep digging, deep selecting and the label's wish to serve you Turkish pop music of the highest order takes its time. And it is worth doing so. According to the aspiration of the 'Bosporus Bridges' series you will get extraordinary music, opening your mind and remapping your knowledge of Turkish music. As Turkish pop music is a hybrid of Western and Eastern elements, it's not just funk, jazz, beat and psychedelic music but each time a specific Turkish approach to a hybrid pop music. This incorporates Turkish language, instruments, melodies etc., all mixed with electric instruments, drums and sound effects of Western pop music. Enjoy deep Turkish funk by Seyyal Taner, Süheyl Denizci, Cengiz Coskuner and Erkut Taçkin, Turkish jazz by the Burhan Tonguç Ritm Grubu and Figen Han, Turkish beat by Lili Ivanova, Ajda Pekkan and Fatos Balkir, Turkish psychedelic by Semra Sine, Serter Bagcan and Harout Pamboukjian, and Turkish-Asian rock by Dönüsüm & Halit Kakinç. Quality LP vinyl pressing with restored and remastered audio material of the original records. Comes in a wonderful, authentic and special seventies English-styled old-fashioned cover.
1. Seyyal Taner - Sarmas Dolas
2. Harout Pamboukjian - Kyahripar ("Yaz Dostum")
3. Semra Sine - Gurbet
4. Burhan Tonguç Ritm Grubu Ve Ismet Siral - Du-Bi-Ba
5. Lili Ivanova ve Durul Gence 5 - Nisan Sakasi
6. Ajda Pekkan - Sevsen De Gönlünce
1. Fatos Balkir Ve Istanbul Gelisim Orkestrasi - Hey!... Taksi
2. Erkut Taçkin - Erkek Olana
3. Cengiz Coskuner - Samsun'un Evleri
4. Dönüsüm & Halit Kakinç - Taek-won-do
5. Figen Han & Süheyl Denizci Orkestrasi - Pisi Pisi
6. Serter Bagcan - Ordu'nun Dereleri
7. Süheyl Denizci & Ümit Aksu Orkestra Ve Korosu - Yildiz