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Faro Annie

Renbourn John

Faro Annie

Label: Music On Cd

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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This is John Renbourn’s fifth and most blues influenced album, backed by the Pentangle rhythm section of Terry Cox and Danny Thompson. The singer/guitarist often takes a folk-rock approach, and often investigates American folk songs, on ‘Faro Annie’, beginning with the traditional “White House Blues”, a song about the 1901 assassination of President William McKinley. Next is “Buffalo Skinners” another traditional piece made famous by Woody Guthrie. Then there is “Country Blues”, a piece arranged by Jansch and Renbourn but it has its roots in American folk blues and the Appalachian Tradition. ‘Faro Annie’ has a unique atmosphere unlike any other of his albums.