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Palma Enrique R.


Label: Organized Music From Thessaloniki

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Organized Music from Thessaloniki is proud to present a solo work from Mexican-based artist, Enrique R. Palma.

Hailing from the Yucatan region in south-east Mexico, and active in the noise, metal and improvised music communities there, Palma has lately been busy developing his own footprint, both solo and as part of the duo Xtul. With Gerardo Alejos, he is responsible for curating the Lengua de Lava music label.

Contenance presents a fleeting marriage between the immediate and the conceptual, featuring as it is captures of solo improvisations, but brought together under a unifying tone of approach to the music that runs deeper than a surface exploration of techniques. Similarly, the sounds themselves offer a seamless montage of varying approaches, ranging from computer noise, to acoustic improvisations performed by Palma and his collaborator Javier Beci. Brought together by this holistic electroacoustic sensibility that permeates the material, the results are difficult to pigeonhole under one tradition, maintaining instead a vibrant potency at their core. What remains is a fascination with edges, residues and decay; a meeting point of sound experiences, an object brought together by the traces left from a series of visitations. Like the feel of humid air just before the rain carries both the memory of the past and the anticipation of the future, the music here carries manifold possibilities within itself.

edition of 100, mastered by a.f. jones at laminal audio