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Smurf / These Days

Mind The Goon

Smurf / These Days

Label: Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories

Genre: Rock / Pop


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"Mind the Goon" is a goon with a mind of his own and an electric taste on music and sound. He is known to travel and live in several countries in Asia, South America, and occasionally Europe, while composing diverse songs, telling tales of the road, the river and the seas.
"Smurf" is a sort of surf tune with a vengeance while "These Days" is a romantic love song for the social networking generation.
This is a 100% analog recording on tape, 1950's style. The transfer to the disk medium was done entirely in the analog domain, using a vintage disk cutting lathe with an original monophonic cutterhead, at Magnetic Fidelity. Each record was hand-carved and numbered, with hand-painted covers and manually typeset labels. It is a limited edition of 200.
Artwork by Sabine Steldinger. Transfer to disk medium by J. I. Agnew.