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L'unification Des Forces Opposantes

This Morn' Omina

L'unification Des Forces Opposantes

Label: Ant Zen

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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With "L'Unification des Forces Opposantes" ('The Unification of the Opposing Forces') THIS MORN' OMINA present the third and final part of the "Nyan" trilogy, which now comes to a stunning conclusion after an intense period of eight years. On this 2CD set, T.M.O. broach the issue of renascence and infinity, where the lyrics printed in the booklet are of serious significance for both for the artists themselves and the listener. The reincarnation focus of this release also showcases the recent state of the project with the addition of the new cast member Karolus Lerocq.

Musically, this album expresses a multitude of moods from anger and struggle to catharsis and redemption. Hypnotizing tribal ambiences exist in parallel with razor sharp syncopated rhythms - a haunting intermixture of industrial, body techno, ritual ambient and ethnic downbeats, successfully forged into one pounding, rushing, euphoric dance explosion. What commenced as pure instrumental tracks at the beginning of this trilogy transmuted into vocalized statements of faith and emotion.