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Geometrical Keys


Geometrical Keys

Label: Ant Zen

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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'the specter of terror is near when a labyrinthine building no longer indicates any directions except for dead ends. to adjust the loss of signs, a sound architecture can be built in which the perception surrenders. hologram_ takes the seeking listener on a solid baseplate and into a puissant research laboratory of sound dissection. the invention of the existing material originates from an eclectic musical culture, but also from an attentive world view. this very contemporary approach allows to imagine all the levels of this protean artist, as it should be the case that the world does not observe anything unilaterally.' (hologram_)

hologram_ is the moniker of martin delisle from france who has worked with the electronic projects dexy corp., cheerleader69 and republik of screens and is also a part of the audiotrauma crew. influenced by musicians like amon tobin, hecq, richard devine, hans zimmer and danny elfman as well as film directors like david lynch, his intention is to generate mental plots with their very own imaginative sound. his debut album 'geometrical keys' is based on the concept of being forsaken inside a complex and distorted virtual environment, allegorized in form of three distinct chapters. an alchemistic hybrid of industrial music, dubstep, idm, modern classical and disturbing soundscapes with granular electronics, tinted broken organic rhythms, melancholic piano lines, abstract glitch breaks and furious walls of noise. this album states a perfect amalgam of powerful beats and orchestral cinematic atmospheres.

'listening to a concept album like reading a book may be worrying when you are likely to get lost in a distant unconscious... some geometric vision of a well present illusion... a story where you have to let yourself fall into the maze. the sound experience can now begin... are you able to find the way?' (hologram_)