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Twilight Of Europe

Dark Ages

Twilight Of Europe

Label: Cyclic Law

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Remastered re-issue of this now classic work of Ambient / Dungeon Synth. Conceived in late 2002 as a soundtrack for one of the most sinister, dark, brutal and morbid periods of European history, the Dark Ages. Diving deep into Medieval works on witchcraft, demonology and theology, as well as the works of modern authors exploring all the aspects of that epoch, Roman Saenko (of Drudkh and Hate Forest) wanted to explore all shades of the Middle Ages. Bringing forth images, details and landscapes of that era into the modern world using a minimalistic yet very poignant pallet of sounds. Artwork by Heresie Studio.

LP edition of 200 Black vinyl, in 3mm sleeve with Poster.