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Label: Young And Cold Records

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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You can hear almost completely instrumental music – the voice fits in in the background as a kind of additional instrument - and often minimal Darkwave, which invites you to dream and indulge. The influences are diverse and can often be found in the 80s. Spacey synth sounds, melodic bass lines and always beautifully wavy guitars. If the overall framework weren't so atmospherically warm, you might call it Coldwave - because this sound was never as cool as the name suggests.

One feels reminded of some releases from the Lively Art label from France, sometimes a bit of 4AD - CocteauTwins, Frazier Chorus... Bands like Sad Lovers And Giants or Clan Of Xymox come to mind and yes, when it comes to guitars, The Cure definitely comes to mind. From the actiual scene, acts like Isla Ola come to mind, which offer a similar atmosphere…

Music to let yourself go and pause.