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Split Machine Vol. 2

Noamm / Brice Kelly

Split Machine Vol. 2

Label: Gladio Operations

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Gladio Operations label presents its ninth release, with volume 2 of the Split Machine series, which this time features two new and recognised faces on the European and American electro scene.

One of these new faces is producer Noamm. This Greek artist, who has releases on such respected labels as Bass Agenda and Fundamental Records, opens the EP with “Clone Machine” and “Scientific Technological Device”, two excellent rough and pragmatic tracks which link perfectly with “Verruckter Wissenschaftler”. The latter track, a fast-paced cut impregnated with tasty dark textures, perfectly defines the talent of the Hellenic producer.

The B-side bears the signature of Brice Kelly, who also debuts on Gladio Operations and gifts us three fantastic, enveloping, and melodic tracks. The American producer kicks off with “Beings of Alpha”, a deep and very well-constructed journey that gives way to “If You Don’t Think Like Us”.

We really like it, even more so if it is accompanied by an elegant vocoder and enigmatic strings. Lastly, we arrive at “Powers That Be”, the closing track of the album, where we can perceive a cut of aggressive bass lines and gloomy textures, well aligned with well-chosen robotic vocals.