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Label: Xl

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Burial lands on XL Recordings with the new single Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above. Outside of a handful of collabs and singles, Burial has been a bastion of Hyperdub’s impressive roster since its 2005 inception, so what better way to shake up the 2024 news cycle than a surprise drop on XL Recordings and bring back the hazy club soundscapes.

Dreamfear is a tag team of sample-suffused dancefloor quakers: the invigorating beats of the title track thump at breakneck pace, with lightning charged rave synths and breakbeats contorted to match that epic cinematic feel, while ‘Boy Sent From Above’ is a club panacea of jittery vocal samples, electro-adjacent rhythms, and stuttering synth wizardry.

A welcome return from the nocturnal hero of the south london boroughs, kicking off 2024 in style.