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Thumann Harry


Label: Best Record Italy

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Harry Thumann, overlooked pioneer of German electronic music, seeker of a propulsive electronic disco sound, was ahead of his time and would've been a "precursor" even today! Drummer, keyboardist, composer, but also and above all "sound engineer", whose in-depth knowledge allowed him to design the first pioneering synthesizers, enormously fascinated by their potential. He was an early adopter of MIDI which with the Commodore 64 he incorporated into a system that used Fairlight II and Moog 3C allowing him to produce different styles of electronic sounds. The 4 wonderful songs that Best Record has collected here represent some of the most powerful dancefloor jams he created. "Experiments" extended play is also the culmination of his electronic talent at the end of the disco era, after Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. Its sound can be exemplified by the rousing "Sphinx" (which seems to have inspired the composer of the Knight Rider theme) and the frenetic electronic rhythms of "Underwater" which when played at full volume by the club DJ becomes a fantastic dance floor burner timeless, but listening to it with headphones is the best way to appreciate it.