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Under The Influence Of The Tremolo Beer Gut

Tremolo Beer Gut

Under The Influence Of The Tremolo Beer Gut

Label: Crunchy Frog

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Just before the turn of the millennium a new band was formed by Sune Wagner (The Raveonettes, Psyched Up Janis) and Yebo (THAU, Junior Senior, Psyched Up Janis, Heavy Trash et. al) in the back of a tour bus. It was named The Tremolo Beer Gut, and the band has lived on ever since and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year (more details on this at the end of this press release). The Tremolo Beer Gut was originally formed to play live and have a good time, but joined by Per Sunding (Eggstone), Jengo (Trains and Boats and Planes) and later The Great Nalna (THAU, To the International, Heavy Trash) they quickly wrote and recorded an album: "The Inebriated Sounds of ..." released in 1999. The album was a doozy. The monolithic testament to the self-made genre of Surf'n'Western had been minted. Misson accomplished. The Tremolo Beer Gut was called upon to do some music for the Howard Barker play "Animals In Paradise" for the Royal Danish Theater and the City Theater of Malmö. They decided to make a new album in the process and see how they could expand the very formatted format of what they had done on the debut. Being a band of strong dogma (only using the same press photo ever, never releasing music videos, only recording with good looking microphones etc) the way forward was - of course - backwards. Back to MONO! And thus it came to pass that The TBG were the very first band to release a long player album in mono in the new millennium. Released in 2000, the album was named "Under the Influence of ..." and has been sold out for 2 decades. Now, as part of celebrating the band's 25th anniversary, the album is finally re-issued. Release date: November 3rd 2023. Since these two first albums Wagner achieved great success with The Raveonettes and moved first to the UK and then the USA. He was replaced by the band's producer and live mixer The Great Nalna and the band has since toured extensively all over the world - this year as far as Argentina, Uruguay, Hawai'i, California - and Jylland. The band's records have found fans across the world and among some pretty cool musicians that have guested the recordings as well. Among them are Zombierella (Messer Chups), Jon Spencer and Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog, Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash), Magnus Svenningson (The Cardigans), Kim Kix and The Atomic Child (PowerSolo, Heavy Trash, The Micragirls, Patrik Bartosch (Eggstone), Christopher "Dompan" Dominque and many many more.