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Folk Singer

Protrudi Rudi

Folk Singer

Label: Black Gold Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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In 2014, while in Tel Aviv to play a solo show, Rudi Protrudi was taken into a studio to cut an acoustic solo album - just him and his guitar. Since then the tracks have been sitting on the shelf - until, that is, Rudi decided to take them into a Berlin studio and add additional instrumentation to some of the tracks. The track selection reflects a good portion of songs he had included in his live set, a diverse sampling of blues, country, and folk.

Although known primarily as the frontman for Garage rock legends, The Fuzztones, Rudi Protrudi is no one trick pony. In fact, he seems to delight in stretching the boundaries of what fans expect from him. A case in point would be The Fuzztones 2008 release, "Horny As Hell," where the band's usual Garage sound was embellished with soulful Hammond organ, female background singers, and a three-piece horn section! The band has even gone as far as covering such unlikely artists as Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Blue Oyster Cult and Black Oak Arkansas - all the while retaining their distinct Garage style. As Link Protrudi, Rudi and his instrumental band, The Jaymen, have interpreted everything from raunchy Link Wray covers to an album of Striptease classics. For their last studio album, "Seduction," the band tailed Exotica, or as Rudi likes to refer to it, "psychedelic belly dance music."The band chose Tschaikowky's "Arabian Nights" to close out the album. As a solo artist, Rudi has been equally adventurous, venturing outside the Garage realm to record two Country albums, "(It's a) White Trash Thing," and "Ladykiller." In 2014 Rudi spent the year playing around Berlin with his blues band, eventually resulting in the release of his live Blues album, "Rudi Protrudi Unfazed." The year 2020 marked the 40 year anniversary of The Fuzztones, with a major tour, which - unfortunately - never happened, due to the Corona lockdowns. Not one to be deterred, Protrudi decided to finally finish an acoustic solo album he'd originally recorded in Tel Aviv back in 2014. What you have here are studio versions of songs he played during a special acoustic show at the Open bar the night before - with additional accompaniment recently added by ace Berlin musicians. While recording and mixing this album, much care has been taken to recreate the intimate atmosphere Rudi tends to create during his solo shows. As with previous recorded excursions, Rudi extends himself - this time into the Folk arena. While his choice of Country and Blues selections may not be that unusual to those who've already heard his previous solo efforts, the real surprises here are "Bully of the Town," a traditional fiddle tune, and "7 and 7 Is," originally a Garage punk classic from the 60s, both drastically rearranged for this album. The clincher, however, is sure to be "Come Wander With Me," a folk ballad that reached infamy with it's inclusion in a particularly memorable episode of Twilight Zone. So what's next for The Paisley Fog, as he often calls himself? Whatever it is, one thing is certain... it won't be what you expect!
Milky clear vinyl.