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Funny Valleys

Normal Stage

Funny Valleys

Label: Amplify Records

Genre: Techno / Tech-House / House / Trance


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The first composition opens up with a dub tech micro rhythm which evolves gradually along with heavenly like vocal atmospheres. A little riff modulates along with the hypnotic synthtopia and chord stabs vibrate as they are washed over by their dub echoes. In the second track the raspy atmospheric pads and bouncy dubtech prepare us for a tour in the depths of dextrous tape echo tweaking. Empty land, misty air and a calm atmo which becomes entangled through live fx manipulation, are the gist of a deep listening experience. Track 3 is an audio pool of dreamesque digitalia. Slomo dub and nostalgic melodies evaporate in the deep jungle of the tropics. The locked dub groove which dominates track 4 takes us on a journey into a spiral of dark vibrations and tense echo manipulation. On the whole, Normal Stage delivers a playfull, imrpovised yet profound and structured body of work which are traits of his unique sound signature. Time becomes space, sounds, accidents and tape hiss.