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What If

Bohm Rainer

What If

Label: Enja

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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All the qualities for which the Cologne-based pianist and composer Rainer Böhm is repeatedly praised come together and blossom in these sextet recordings: his stupendous technique, his melodic ingenuity, his melancholic foundation, his excursions towards Elements of classical and contemporary serious music, his interplay of melody design and chord accompaniment, his pronounced sense of dramaturgy, his balance between improvisation and composition, his high emotionality, his search for a roughened euphony, his rhythmic accents and above all his playing in the service of the respective Matter.
With his German, Swiss and British sextet, he now combines all of these qualities in a larger format.The nuances are wide-ranging, the details are right and always ensure an entertaining progression far away from any chatter. So the result is greater than the sum of the parts.
Rainer Böhm has repeatedly played in various constellations with the rhythm group consisting of bassist Arne Huber and drummer Jonas Burgwinkel. In addition, he has formed a dream band with the British trumpeter Percy Pursglove, the Swiss tenor saxophonist Domenic Landolf and Wanja Slavin on the alto saxophone, which navigates cleverly and dynamically through eleven Böhm compositions.
It is important for Rainer Böhm, whose crystalline, versatile and imaginative piano playing always sounds differently through these recordings, that despite all the intellectual superstructure, his music remains animated and vital. This CD is a prime example of the emotionality he strives for. It shows him at the height of his art as a pianist, composer and arranger.