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Label: Cast-a-blast

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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<p>Prepare yourself… “Misplaced” features a cast of creative and talented people,including jazz-pianist / organist Yiannis Dimitriadis (Happy dog project, Omar faruk Tekbilek)guitarist / producer Thanos Amorginos from “The Earthbound” collective,Dominican / New Yorker dj / mc Jeff “Rocklip” Gonzalez a.k.a BnCresponsible for most of the vocals and scratches, vocalist SugahSpank!, percussionist Miltos Zervos - newly arrived, from Barcelona’s multinational project “Mango Juice”, long time music partner Costas Chrysogelos a.k.a. Digital Alkemist playing the drums, plus special guests vocalist / guitarist Markos Koumaris from “Locomondo” and Evi Hassapides Watson. A part of this line up has already been on stage together providingsome remarkable gigs under the name “The Blend Sextet”, including the 2005 festival of Vavel and their appearence on the International Music Day fest in Athens. The chemistry between them, during rehershals and live performances initiated the transformation of individual musicians into a unified and creative force. With Blend at the controls and bass and all the above actually, interpreting and improvising on his ideas, a new project was formed. And so be it…After a full month studio jam and recording sessions, Blend took the takes back on his labfor some serious strip down. Within a period of six months he re-construct and re-arrange the tracks,record the vocals add the bass, the beats, the effects. Mix, produce and finnaly deliver. An album filled with blend’s prefable ingredients, heavy doses of funk and reggae, smokey drumbreaks, old schooll rhyming and solid basslines. From live hip hop (smoke) to jazz / reggae (colonial mule), (kitty’s got the fever) and from funk rock aesthetics (jam skit) to b-boy breaks (on and on) this album grasps the listener into a musical rollercoaster. Ranging from ierie rythms and brightside grooves to obscure and mystical worlds..</p>