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Rose Golden Doorway

Pulled By Magnets

Rose Golden Doorway

Label: Tak:til

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Seb Rochford opens up intimate resonance rooms with a new band and new album - beguiling, tender, strange and overwhelming.

Renowned London-based Sonic Explorer Seb Rochford releases an amazing new band and debut album. He calls the new project Pulled by Magnets and "Rose Golden Doorways" the corresponding debut album, which is the most sublime yet provocative musical statement that the four-time Mercury award winner (Polar Bear, Sons of Kemet, Basquiat Strings) has made so far. Located on a border where doom rhythms rub against ghostly saxophone atmospheres, everything sounds different than the previous one: type, genre or influence are forgotten. It is a soundtrack of the mind. An important point of reference for Seb Rochford - after a trip through India, his mother's homeland - was the experiments with tempo and time that are found in Indian music. In addition, there was an intensive reading of old Indian and Bedouin texts. "Rose Golden Doorways" was recorded by Seb Rochford, Pete Wareham (Polar Bear) on sax and Neil Charles (Zed-U, Empirical) on bass in the Old Church, the last Elizabethan church in London and one of the oldest churches in England. In the interplay of the acoustics of this historic building and the play of the three musicians, a unique spherical sound has been created here - the album consists of a series of live recordings without additional studio work. Seb Rochford wanted, in his own words, an "overwhelming, great sound" and so "Rose Golden Doorways" is about large dimensions: a feeling of space, of geology, of tectonic plates that shift - with an intimate tenderness at the same time.