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The Pentheus Myth

Pandopoulos Kostas & Drygianakis Costas

The Pentheus Myth

Label: Hxoi Kato Apo To Spiti

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Crafted in 1989.

"The Pentheus Myth was never completed and thus of course remained unpublished. The first, introductory piece, which would be something like a taqsim, was not approached even in a draft form and hence it is not included on the disk. The pieces that were actually created, i.e. the ones presented here, are basically the recasting of improvisations and experimentations on ideas from musical cultures of Asia and Africa (based on modal structures, intensive repetition of small riffs, polyrhythmic textures etc.) and also on the emulation of relevant sounds and performing techniques with the use of technology (even of natural sounds, with the exception of the sounds of the sea which were recorded in the field). It must be noted that there was no use of untempered scales, though we had already started dealing with this topic too, at that time.

The Pentheus Myth is essentially ‘home-made’. The equipment used consisted of three Yamaha instruments (DX7, RX5 and TX81Z) plus one Korg (DS8), driven through an Atari 1040ST computer with the aforementioned C-Lab Notator program. All the material was recorded on a four-track Vesta Fire cassette recorder, mainly in order to be assembled as a whole with the interconnecting bridges. "

(from the album linear notes)

In gatefold card case with 36 page bilingual booklet (Greek & English)