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Data Mirage Tangram

Young Gods

Data Mirage Tangram

Label: Two Gentlemen

Genre: Industrial / Post Industrial / Experimental


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Eight years without a studio album. The Young Gods may have eternity on their side, it was about time they followed up on 'Everybody Knows' and addressed the period of artistic confusion - in Treichler's own words - that followed Al Comet's departure and his replacement by Cesare Pizzi. The subsequent tour which focused on the Swiss band's first two albums, could have ended in a deadlock. Instead, it brought new inspiration to the trio, revitalised by this return to their roots. Still, thirty years of uninterrupted activity, celebrated with the publication of an 800-page book in 2017, could only strengthen the Gods' will to write a new chapter to their already impressive history. Mixed by Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, Editors, Foals).