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Spiral Drift

Spiral Drift

Spiral Drift

Label: Anazitisi

Genre: Rock / Pop


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<p>Black vinyl, 200 copies, including insert.</p>
<p>Spiral Drift is a band of friends born in the 21st century dystopia of Athens, Greece. They set out on a trip into uncharted waters, using psychedelia, the blues and desert rock as their vehicles, and carrying the ocean and the sky as their provisions. They stand firm in their faith that even in conditions such as the ones we are experiencing today, creative expression and solidarity can exist through music. The stories they tell are about the anguish and the joys of every day, the darkness and the light that form the horizon of being.<br />Spinal Drift was formed in the spring of 2014. And this 10" was recorded at Sierra Studios, Athens, in the winter of 2014 – 2015. It was produced by the band in cooperation with Jim Spliff (The Last Drive, Nightstalker, Deus ex Machina, etc.).<br />- Band members:<br />Kostas Economou (a.k.a. Koko) – guitar<br />Akis Paschalakis (a.k.a Akis Paschal) – guitar<br />Christos Michalatos (a.ka. Cris B.I) [The Last Drive] – drums<br />- Special Guests:<br />Alexis Kalofolias (a.k.a. Alex K.)[ The Last Drive, The Earthbound, Thee Holy Strangers] – bass, vocals<br />Lazaros Nikolaidis - keyboards</p>
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