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Too Much ... Motherf***ers

Lescure 13

Too Much ... Motherf***ers

Label: Out Of Line

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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Back to the roots: SUICIDE COMMANDO mastermind, Johan van Roy, and Stefan Bens (STIN SCATZOR) have resurrected their legendary project LESCURE 13 to unleash a double disc of pure old school Electronic Body Music onto a dance-crazed crowd. This is the sort of reunion that probably not many would have expected. LESCURE 13, formed in 1989 and quickly became a cult band on the EBM scene during the 1990s, with a series of cassette releases and one CD. Never officially disbanded, the project was sent into a hiatus of more than fifteen years, as both protagonists got too involved with their respective bands picking up momentum. But now, they are back!

With the double disc "Too Much... Motherf***ers", LESCURE 13 return with a full blast of everything that made them a scene favorite: pure old school EBM, full of raw edges and no compromises! On Disc 1, they effectively prove that their trademark sound has lost none of its impact in 2013, with a collection of brand-new machine-driven tracks, massive reworks of some of their cult songs and some club-compatible remixes. Disc 2 is a dream come true for any fan of rare electronic dance floor gems, with a compilation of old recordings that have only been available on tape and are long-since deleted. This hard-hitting double-dip is a must-own for all old school body maniacs and for all diehard SUICIDE COMMANDO and STIN SCATZOR fans, as well. THIS IS EBM! Love it or f**k off!