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Resistance Again

Kriminal Minds

Resistance Again

Label: Out Of Line

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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First copies in Jewel-box inside an O-Card (slider) packaging! When a Hard Electro legend such as Racso Agroyam (sound wizard of HOCICO) takes a band under his wings you can be sure that it must be a rather special act, indeed. The Mexican group Kriminal Minds ignores all “evil”-Hellectro-clichés and chooses to celebrate music as an uncontrollable outcry of rage against oppression, the system and the dismal world we live in, instead. With ultra-brutal shouts, versatile arrangements and a musical bandwidth spanning from Club-compatible beats to all-out noisy Industrial onslaughts, “Resistance Against…” is a sonic pamphlet that will shake up more than your home’s floor boards. Of course, Racso Agroyam’s production is omnipresent but Kriminal Minds have so many interesting ideas of their own and are so full of irresistible rage that their music is so much more than a mere “little brother of Hocico.” In times, where almost all hard Electro bands tend to sound the same, Kriminal Minds are refreshingly versatile, candid and sport an honest brutality! Dance the resistance!