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Cask Strength


Cask Strength

Label: Ant Zen

Genre: Industrial / Post Industrial / Experimental


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After a looong break, Imminent return! Like any good whisky that has to mature for at least 10 years in a cask, it took the same time for this release to maturate - and it was worth awaiting the ripening. In-deed the music is comparable to a cask strength whisky’s taste: raw, aggressive, powerful! Straight beats interwoven with sophisticated breaks, brilliantly placed samples, intertwining powerful atmospheric synth textures and forceful distorted sequences (without inhibition) form into the sophisticated style of industrial music Imminent is known and loved for. 64 minutes of music - just like a 64% abv bottled cask strength whisky contains - taste it and get satisfied!

1. Seracs
2. Gari
3. Bock
4. Garn
5. Lorsc
6. Teskede
7. Ila
8. Cling
9. Rubbs
10. Droak
11. Ebat
12. Thal