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All My Best Intentions


All My Best Intentions

Label: Hymen

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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don hill has been creating dark ambient music under the moniker porteur de l'image since 1998. while he was exploring new music-software, yet unexpected options of his musical self-conception opened up and
resulted in millipede. this project has taken on a life of it's own - much more beat-oriented and complex than pdl'i, yet still dark and harsh - a soundtrack for contemplation, as hill explains. with the support of josh pyle (aphorism) and the usage of samples granted by pyle, jan carleklev (sanctum) and angel draganov (polygon ring), millipede's first full-length release sees the light of day: all my best intentions.

millipede lays down a caleidoscope of beat-driven melancholy, marked by an acute sense of memorable tunes which will persist long after each track fades. a panoramic of digital glitch, pounding rhythms and bass lines agglutinated by melodic ambience. add to this the occasional carefully placed application of acoustic guitars, fender rhodes piano and electric bass, a unique and captivating album that crosses
boundaries is the result; not isolated idm, glitch, or dark ambient but a combination of elements of them all and more.

all my best intentions: an intriguing aural journey into what innovative electronic music is truly meant to be - an album of hidden depth and complexity

1. endless
2. gentle devils
3. recesses
4. diplopoda crawl
5. conceivor
6. coming storm
7. reoccurring themes in the artist's work
8. wonder & spirals
9. 30,000
10. waiting
11. snow crystals
12. deepest peace
13. deepest peace (disturbed as hecq remix)