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10 Neurotics

Black Tape For A Blue Girl

10 Neurotics

Label: Trisol

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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“10 Neurotics” reimagines the passion of BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL (and visionary founder / songwriter, Sam Rosenthal) in a rock / dark cabaret setting. Sam challenged himself to put the electronics and lushness aside; he wrote these songs on the acoustic guitar, an instrument he had never played before. The results bear a more considered approach to song writing: structured, melodic, theatrical, and dare say even “traditional” in composition.  

Featuring drum kit & bass for the first time in 20 years (courtesy of new band-member Brian Viglione of THE DRESDEN DOLLS & WORLD/INFERNO), these fourteen songs are revealing first person narratives. These are stories so unnerving and personal that “10 Neurotics” features an all-new line-up; the previous vocalists quit the group out of discomfort with the content.

Sam explains, “Many of the scenes take place in the fetish lifestyle: a culture of heightened sexuality, relationship dynamics, power and control. I set out to create an album

that looks at our sexuality, obsessions and fetishes from a mature perspective. I wanted to directly confront reality: who are we when the disguise is stripped away?” 

Matt Rowe, “Emotionally charged, theatrical, bold, raucous, heartbreaking, and beautiful, 10 Neurotics is a grand and exciting musical direction for BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL. Traversing fresh musical ground including the evocative flavouring of Dark Cabaret, they never fully relinquish their well-known sensually provocative sound. Blacktape emerges that much more important for its willingness to fearlessly incorporate unexpected elements into its work. They add a stronger, more theatrical component; you feel as if you are watching a powerful stage show in motion. “10 Neurotics” is a great album! It may be Blacktape’s best!
• All-new band features Brian Viglione of THE DRESDEN DOLLS, vocalists Athan Maroulis ex-SPAHN RANCH, Laurie Reade ex-ATTRITION & Nicki Jaine.
• Guest vocal appearance by Lucas Lanthier of CINEMA STRANGE.
• Deluxe digi-pak w/28-page booklet

1. Sailor Boy
2. Inch Worm
3. Tell Me You’ve Taken Another
4. The Perfect Pervert
5. Marmalade Cat
6. Love Song
7. Rotten Zurich Café
8. Militärhymne
9. In Dystopia
10. The Pleasure In The Pain
11. I Strike You Down
12. Caught by a Stranger
13. Curious Yet Ashamed
14. Love of The Father