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Hot Dreams

Timber Timbre

Hot Dreams

Label: Full Time Hobby

Genre: Rock / Pop


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  • Timber Timbre is the brainchild of Taylor Kirk, the commanding persona at the fore of its spacious, weighted sound.

  • With ‘Hot Dreams’, Kirk and longtime collaborator Simon Trottier daub vibrant colour across the restless evolution of Timber Timbre’s earthy, angular palette.

  • On the acclaimed ‘Creep On Creepin’ On’ (2011) - nominated for two 2012 JUNO Awards and a spot on the Polaris Music Prize Short List - Timber Timbre transmuted the hollow grey tones of ‘Timber Timbre’ (2009) into plaintive doo-wop through oblique, concrete passages.

  • With ‘Hot Dreams’, Timber Timbre transposes new definitions of historic ambience, unabashedly weaving unity between disparate, charted environments.

  • Timber Timbre’s third full length on Full Time Hobby is their most cinematic work, connecting arid western to plodding horror with the pomp of Hollywood phantasm. Fittingly, Timber Timbre music from previous records has been heard on AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ soundtracks.

  • On the title single ‘Hot Dreams’, guitars chime melancholy and petulance, animating a sometimes reticent Kirk, singing “I want to follow through, follow through, follow through / On all my promises and threats to you.”

  • ‘Hot Dreams’ immediately instils as Timber Timbre’s most lush, focused, evocative and flourished work to date; so distinctly familiar though it precedes memory, recognizable only as itself.