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Wizzz! Volume 2

Various Artists

Wizzz! Volume 2

Label: Born Bad

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Strong of the first volume in 2002 which will generate an unprecedented fault for the pop alternative 60's made in France, wizzzzzzz imposed as the compilation of reference of the gender ... Enjoyable jerks, chelou truths out of everything, words insensees, and always this taste for the derision, and this concern to make it value the creativity of french artists who wanted to break with the diktat yeye of the time.

Then, if you see France of the sixties resumes to the inoffensive Adamo and Sheila, this new collection of rare and unseen exhumes titles of the low-fund of the pop sixties made in France could give you awareness of the wealth and temerity of some poor parents of Gainsbourg and other freaks past completely unpaid from the time of salvation the complaints. Wizzzz 2 exhume and rehabilitate thus so these genius and bricolo of the underground which have rivalized inventive and daring to make sure the bad languages wanted that in term of pop france was at the train.