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This Train Goes To Sorrow

Weeping Mist

This Train Goes To Sorrow

Label: Timemachine Productions

Genre: Rock / Pop


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“This Train Goes To Sorrow” is Weeping Mist’s sophomore album. It continues exactly from where “Lonely Streets” had stopped… Spiros keeps walking his lonely Sixties path… You see, at the very end of that Lonely Street, there was an old train station. Just one platform in use, a few old wooden wagons, and a black rusty Locomotive engine… The engine steam gets tangled up with the darkness and the blurry wet fog, creating a mysterious Mist, a Mist that Weeps… A Weeping Mist…
What you have here is 16 original songs penned by the idiosyncratic persona of Spiros. 16 stops… till the Train reaches its destination, deep inside the Forest of Black, deep inside your Soul. 16 songs sprayed with Garage Psych Mood-o-delica, deeply 60s inspired (of course). An esoteric, fragile, and incredibly emotional set of songs where the melody overflows and the lyrics captivate you, resulting in a colorful deconstruction of your
inner self. These songs have tremendous ability, they can fill every
abandoned inch of your heart with the desired sentiment whether is joy, pain, sadness, hope, or euphoria… “This Train Goes To Sorrow” is a take-no-prisoners album! Modern Garage Psychedelia couldn’t sound more 60s!
Gatefold sleeve.