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Love Is Destructive

Phase Fatale

Love Is Destructive

Label: Bite

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Marking one year following Phase Fatale’s (aka Hayden Payne’s) last EP on his label BITE, ‘Love Is Destructive’ is a clear shift into true techno territories, integrated with his distinct curation of narrative and sonic framework, imprinted with a musical diet of sleek, synthesised storytelling.The 4-Track EP reflects the turbulent ebb-and-flow found with emotional conclusion - a genesis soundtracked by raw energy and driving undercurrents. The Berlin-based DJ, Producer and Label-owner’s propensity for creating a symbiotic harmony by blending seemingly divisive elements from his genre defying repertoire, demonstrates his masterful understanding and control of the listener’s borderless, auditory journey. Exemplified by his marathon closing sets at Berghain, as well as techno arenas such as Khidi in Tbilisi (both of which he is a resident), Phase Fatale’s recent DJ performances and production endeavours reflect his fresh approach to pure techno sensibilities. The title track sets the tone with imperative grooves, energetic vigour and intrepid attitude. Following a progression of techno propulsion in ‘Magma Driver’, infused metallic textures and trippy, headier elements add depth, whilst the body of work’s cutting edge sound design echoes spacey vivacity and purification in equal measures. Dichotomy comes forward with tracks ‘Ambivalence’ and ‘Introjection’, processed vocal samples with dub techno leanings and hints towards broken rhythms are sculpted by Payne’s focused approach, resonating a feeling of hopeful resolution akin to resurgence. These romantic sensibilities offset by cold mechanical nuances are reflected in the EP’s artwork, depicting roses against the backdrop of engine-like machinery. ‘Love Is Destructive’ is dedicated to Juan, Simone and Luis. Featuring artwork by Silent Editions.