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Katsanos George


Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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George Katsanos is a pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, based in Athens, Greece. He is member of the synth duo Incirrina and works together with numerous musicians and songwriters in Greece.
He also makes music for films and theater. In his personal projects, he loves creating minimalist sound spaces, often balancing between absolute silence, repetition, and a “sculptural” approach to making sound.

“Yuki” is his 4th personal album presenting a warm welcoming world where ambient music meets cinematic compositions. An imaginary Shinto shrine, where listeners can catch their breath, look inwards and explore their thoughts in peace.

About “Yuki”:

“I was born in Athens, Greece. I spent my early childhood years in Japan. Due to my father’s job, who was a ship engineer, we moved to Japan and lived first in Hokkaido, then in Innoshima and Hiroshima.
I was enchanted by the Japanese nature and landscapes, by the Japanese culture and the sound of the people’s language; this left a permanent imprint on my soul and many pleasant memories in my mind. I consider Japan as my second homeland.

This album is called “Yuki” that means “Snow”. I recall snowy days in Hokkaido as if in a fairy-tale dream and my father who also adored those days.
Now that he has passed on to the other side, every time that it is snowing, I feel the touch of the snow in my face as a caress from him.
A caress that I miss so much.”