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Johanson Jay Jay


Label: 29 Music

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Jay - Jay Johanson 's 14th album is one of the most refreshing of his discography. After an introspective and intimate trilogy (“Bury the hatchet” (2017), “Kings Cross”(2019) “Rorschach Test” (2021), FETISH open a new era for the iconic swedish artist. With this new album Jay - Jay Johanson explore the melancholic, aerial atmosphere that makes the DNA of his music with a cinematographic view. On the other side he offers songs made for the most elegant dancefloors with " Stars Aligns" and " Jeopardize" with their Electronic hypnotic melodies. The new Album will drive you from intimate and lounge atmosphere to the dancefloor. An epic journey on the line of the most popular album of the artist . The opening track " Seine " is inspired by the one who disappeared in the water of the Seine in Paris in the 19th Century. It opens with all the romantism of Jay - Jay. " Finally " sounds like a new classic, sampling the famous 3rd Symphony by Brahms , it reminds all the movies of the 50's calling the phantom of Chet Baker, one of his inspiration. The First part of the album is based on quartet of modern Jazz mixed with Jay - jay's Touch like in Puppet on a String . With the Uptempos " Jeopardize" , " The Stars Align", " Summer Night of Love" , he brings us from the NY voguing scene to the decadent Berlin clubs. Flesh For Frankenstein offers a rendition of the piano melody by Andy Wharol. One of the icon of the artist.The Album close on Happy Birthday, a smooth and shiny song, with his crooner and lovely voice that will ravish all the lovers. After 27 years of career, the prolific artist continue to deliver a ambitious and marvelous album that would be appreciate by the fans of the first area and the new ones who discovers him this last decade and with his live performanc