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Sons Of Zoku


Label: Copper Feast Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


  • LP x2 €36.99
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The Adelaide based 6-piece spans all manner of genres including psych rock, stoner rock, world music and punk, with the band fantastically adept at whichever sounds they choose to develop into the next works in their mega-diverse yet early catalogue. ​ Prior to SÜN, they'd released a steady stream of stellar singles which catapulted them to the forefront of the Adelaide psych scene where they now join Copper Feast to release SÜN on vinyl!
Whether it’s transporting you through time and space or taking you on a wild ride through each and every avenue of psychedelia imaginable, SÜN never relents across its double LP presentation, leaving the listener gasping for breath as they behold the euphoria that they’ve just experienced.