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Harney County

Eckman Chris

Harney County

Label: Glitterhouse

Genre: Rock / Pop


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In the 1990s, Chris Eckman was in Harney County for the first time after reading author William Kittredge's memoir. While Kittredge celebrates the broad-walled landscape of this desert county in southeastern Oregon, he also criticizes his family's reckless consumption of the landscape through several generations of ranching. It is a book about failed dreams in a place of raw beauty.

After returning from that first trip, the Walkabouts frontman wrote the song "Death At Low Water," which ended up on the Chris & Carla album "Life Full Of Holes." A foretaste of "Harney County", which Eckman dedicated entirely to this stretch of land. He follows the very sense of roughness and restraint that Kittredge describes in his book. Originally, Eckman wanted the album to sound like "'Nebraska' as a dub album." That didn't quite work out, but there's now all the more room for the stories to breathe.