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Don't Run From The Fire - Remix Edition

Minuit Machine

Don't Run From The Fire - Remix Edition

Label: Synth Religion

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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"Don't Run From The Fire" is Minuit Machine's 5th release. It's a four-track EP. One year and a half after coming back from a one-year hiatus, Minuit Machine keeps on transforming and evolving. From dark electronic, to EBM, the duo reasserts its hybrid identity, always dark wave, but with strong touches of techno and EBM. Don't Run From The Fire talks fear and desire. How love, and feelings in general affect us all as human beings. How we try to run away when we feel in danger. We run away, or we stand still, ready to attack, like a scorpio. We hide how much we're afraid, how much we'd like to hide. It's about control, trying to take control when everything is out of control. When the world around us is chaotic and dangerous. Don't Run From The Fire is about fighting, for who we are, who we want to become. It's about understanding what we truly want and embrace it.
Don’t Run From The Fire – Remix Edition is a new version of the original EP with 4 additional remixes from Rein, Parallx, Crystal Geometry and Maud Geffray.